2015 : Une année pas comme les autres

3 janvier 2016

Today I decided to talk to you guys in English (et en français aussi à la fin de l’article). Not that I am an expert no, but I thought it was the right thing to do knowing that the people that are the subjects of this post are mainly English speakers.

This year was like no other

Never I would have expect living all the things I lived this year. It just seemed so unexpected what life can bring you. It was an amazing experience, yes, but it was also really hard sometimes. Nevertheless, we stay united, us : my family, my friends, in France and in United States. Because that is what defined a real family I think, always be by each other sides no matter what.

I was lucky enough to meet my second heart family this year : the Fenton-Zeira’s. I was their aupair but I think I was also way more than that, as well as they were way more than just my employers. They treated me like their own and we shared so many things together, as a real family. I know I’m rambling but really I owe them so much.

I was also blessed to meet many people that were here for part of my American adventure but shared their lives with me : made me open my eyes on a lot of things, and on my way to see the world. However some of them stay long enough with me to become family too as my friend Kris. A beautiful girl from Danemark that was like my shadow and I loved our duo. I hope I’ll come to visit her soon in Danemark, as well as I hope she’ll come to visit me in France. There was also Marie, my favorite German vegan ! And of course Caroline, the previous aupair of my family, and the one that I considered as my big sister during this crazy year.

It would be too long to mention everyone of course but just know that if we’ve been part of my year, even for a day, and you read this post, I just want to say THANK YOU. This couldn’t have been the same without you. People I’ve met in America dramatically change my way to see things. And as I was already a pretty positive person, I think now I deserve my « unicorn » and « little pony » nicknames more than ever.

Et puis bien sûr cette année ce fut aussi ma famille, mes amis, mes amours, en France. Je sais où j’ai été mais je n’ai pas oublié d’où je venais. Cette année j’ai compris beaucoup de choses, et notamment ceux qui étaient là et le resteraient pour toujours. Et puis il y a eu ma nouvelle école aussi, et l’opportunité de rencontrer encore de nouvelles personnes (qui s’annoncent plutôt très coolos).


J’espère que vous aurez aimé voir ces petits bouts de mon année : de la joie, des voyages, des galères, des rires,
mais surtout et toujours beaucoup d’amour. 


Je vous fais pleins de bisous et je ne vous souhaite que le meilleur pour cette année à venir, 

Julie ♥

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